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Is 2024 a good year to have a baby?

Is 2024 a good year to have a baby?

February 10th 2024 begins the Year of the Dragon, which according to Chinese astrology and culture, is the most auspicious and powerful year in the lunar calendar.

The dragon is one of the most powerful and charismatic signs and symbolizes power, success, good fortune, luck and intelligence. It is believed that children born during the Year of the Dragon will inherit these dragon qualities and as such, many couples aspire to welcome children into the world during this time.

The Countdown to March

Couples aiming for a baby during the Year of the Dragon should ideally conceive before March 2024. 

So what can you do now to help prepare you and your partner’s body for pregnancy?

  1. Visit your GP for a pre-pregnancy check-up

    Getting a thorough pre-pregnancy health check is a must. Your GP will check your blood pressure and weight, conduct a cervical screening test (if due), order blood tests and make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date.    
    You may also be interested in enquiring about a prenatal genetic carrier screening. In fact, it is now free under Medicare to test if you and your partner are carriers of cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy & fragile X syndrome.

  2. Prep your body for pre-conception

    Now is a great time for you and your partner to get your bodies ‘baby-ready’. 

    A well-balanced diet and moderate exercise can have a positive impact on pregnancy and sperm health. It is also recommended that you and your partner stop smoking and drinking alcohol for optimal health.

    Prenatal multivitamins, such as Elevit Pre-conception & Pregnancy and Menevit Pre-Conception Sperm Health, are also a great way to support pre-conception. 

    Elevit Pre-conception & Pregnancy has been specially formulated (using 22 clinical studies), with 19 essential minerals and vitamins, such as folic acid, iron and iodine, to help you meet your increased nutritional requirements when trying to conceive or pregnant. As it can take time to build the higher level of nutrients your body will need to support you and your future dragon baby, it is recommended to take one daily tablet of Elevit Pre-conception & Pregnancy, from at least one month before you try to fall pregnant and throughout your pregnancy. 

    Menevit Pre-Conception Sperm Health is a supplement specifically formulated with antioxidants including zinc, lycopene & selenium to support sperm health, sperm production and sperm motility. Ideally, your partner should take Menevit daily from three months before trying to conceive until your pregnancy is confirmed.

  3. Track your menstrual cycle

    Knowing when you’re likely to ovulate will help you work out the best time for baby making. Try our simple ovulation calendar to help identify your fertile window and increase your chances of conceiving. If you’ve been using contraception like an implant, the pill or an injection, it can take a while for your fertility to return. Ask your doctor for the right advice when you want to stop using contraception.

Good Luck with your Pregnancy Plans!

As the countdown to March begins, remember to try to relax and have fun together. It’s an exciting time and there’s an amazing journey ahead!

And if you are looking for more resources check out our helpful tools.

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