When comparing the essential Elemental Iron, Folic acid and Iron, to other pregnancy multivitamins, it’s clear that Elevit has higher levels to help support your baby’s healthy development.

Name of supplement

Folic Acid
Dose (mcg) per Tab/Cap

Elemental Iron
Dose (mg) per Tab/Cap

Dose (mcg) per Tab/Cap

Elevit (1 tab)80060220
Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold (2 caps daily)50010150
Blackmores Conceive Well (1 tab +cap daily)50024150
Blackmores Folate (1 tab)50000
Blackmores I-Folic (1 tab)5000150
Cenovis Multi Plus
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (1 tab)
Megafol 0.5 (1 tab)50000
Megafol 5 (1 tab)500000
Nature's Own Pregnancy Platinum (1 tab)5005250
Fefol (1 cap)30087.40
Fefol Multi-Preg with Omega-3 & Iodine (1 cap)50012250
Fabfol Plus (1 tab)50012150
FGF (1 tab)300800
Swisse Pregnancy Ultivite (1 tab)5005250
Ostelin Pregnancy Essentials (1 tab)4000150
Nutricia Profutura Pre-conception and Pregnancy Multi - Stage 1 (1 tab) 50010150
Nutricia Profutura Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Multi & Probiotic Stage 2 (2 Caps daily)010150