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Menevit Pre-conception Sperm Health

Menevit is a male fertility supplement that is specifically formulated to help promote sperm health.

It takes two to make a baby and supporting sperm health is a great way for men to contribute in the early phase.

About Menevit:

    The journey sperm undertake on their way to fertilise an egg has been likened to a human trying to swim several thousand kilometres.

    Put it that way and it’s easy to see why it is essential to create a healthy environment for sperm production.

    Made with a unique combination of antioxidants, Menevit can help create a better environment, which includes protecting against DNA damage to support male fertility and sperm health.

    Men – Take one capsule daily with food.
    Men should start taking Menevit three months before trying for a baby, and continue taking Menevit whilst actively trying for pregnancy or as directed by their healthcare professional.

    Menevit is available in a convenient 30 pack which provides 1 months supply. Menevit is also available in a 90 pack, which is equivalent to a 3-month supply.

    Baby making is a two person job and there’s a lot men can do to help improve a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.

    While quitting smoking, reducing alcohol, and remaining fit and active are all essential, a daily supplement can play its part. Menevit is from the makers of Elevit, Australia’s No.1 pregnancy multivitamin*, and can help support sperm health for men, who are an equal partner in the baby making equation.

    *IQVIA MAT$ 18/07/20

    Menevit ingredients

    Menevit contains a unique combination of antioxidants that helps support and promote sperm health.

    Citrus fruits

    Vitamin C

    Menevit contains 100 mg

    Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, plays a key role in the body’s immune system (including tissue and wound repair), iron absorption, and helps maintain healthy skin, bone and cartilage. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that protects the body’s cells from damage from oxidative stress and free radicals. It helps support healthy sperm by protecting sperm DNA from free radical damage.

    Head of green brocolli

    Folic acid

    Menevit contains 500 mcg

    Folate is needed for the development of red blood cells and DNA production. Folate levels in semen are associated with sperm health and stability.

    Brazil nuts


    Menevit contains 26 mcg

    Selenium is an essential mineral with antioxidant properties – it plays a vital role supporting immune system function. Selenium helps protect sperm from damage during sperm lifecycle as well as supporting sperm motility.

      Ingredient Quantity
      Ascorbic acid (C) 100 mg
      Zinc 25 mg
      d-alpha-tocopherol (E) 400 IU
      Folic acid 500 mcg
      Lycopene 6 mg
      Garlic oil (equiv, allium sativum bulb fresh 1g) 333 mcg
      Selenium 26 mcg


      It’s normal to have questions at every stage of the journey towards parenthood. Menevit can help ensure you feel prepared and confident.

        Menevit contains a unique combination of antioxidants to support sperm health, to help improve a couple’s chance of conception.

        Reactive oxygen species (ROS), including free radicals, can cause damage to parts of cells including DNA by stealing their electrons through a process called oxidation. Oxidative stress occurs when there are excess ROS circulating in the body. Excess ROS and oxidative stress can be a result of lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, alcohol, pollution and a lack of exercise. Antioxidants, such as those contained in Menevit, can help scavenge the destructive ROS and improve health.

        Menevit is suitable for men who are planning for a baby and want to play their part in a healthy conception by supporting their sperm health

        One capsule of Menevit should be taken once daily with food.

        Since sperm production cycles take 74 - 78 days, Menevit should ideally be taken from three months before couples begin trying for pregnancy. Men should continue taking Menevit whilst actively trying for pregnancy or as directed by their healthcare practitioner.

        Menevit is available from pharmacies and supermarkets across Australia.

        No. Menevit does not contain gluten.

        No, Menevit does not contain lactose.

        No, Menevit does not contain sucrose.

        Yes, Menevit does contain colouring.

        No. Menevit does not contain any peanut.

        No. Menevit does not contain any egg derived ingredients.

        Yes. Menevit is halal certified.

        Menevit contains beeswax, which is a product of bees.

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