Stress & getting pregnant

Stress & getting pregnant

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How can I stop stressing about getting pregnant?

Does stress affect getting pregnant?

How do I cope with the pressure to get pregnant?

Day-to-day life can be hectic. A demanding job, bills to pay and pressure to maintain an active social and family life can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Add in trying to get pregnant and your stress levels can spike. Taking steps to reduce stress while trying to conceive will help ensure you stay healthy and happy on your journey to parenthood.

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    Feeling stress while trying to get pregnant is normal. You’re embarking on a journey that is going to change your life, so you’re bound to have concerns. 

    Getting pregnant can take time, which in itself can be stressful. In a world where we are used to things happening quickly – from Uber Eats arriving 15 minutes after we ordered, to the new Netflix series dropping– the waiting game of conception can be frustrating. 

    Remember that worrying about getting pregnant isn’t productive. Easier said than done, but try to relax and stay realistic. Some things worth waiting for take a bit of time.

    Different strategies to reduce stress will work for different women. It’s important to find what works for you so that you can enjoy the process of trying to get pregnant, and give yourself the best chance of success.

    • Do some research. If you’re the kind of person who thrives on knowledge, read some books or go online to find out more about this stage of your pregnancy journey. Being equipped with all the facts might help you feel more in control. 
    • Do some exercise. Staying active while you’re trying to get pregnant won’t only help keep you physically healthy, it will also help your state of mind. Exercise can improve sleep quality, and release endorphins that act like a natural painkiller. Try breathing exercises, meditation or gentle yoga to maximise its mental benefits.
    • Don’t tell everyone. The more people who know you are trying to get pregnant, the more they will ask how it’s going. Only tell people you trust to support you while you’re trying to get pregnant.

    If you’ve been trying for a while to pregnant and haven’t yet been successful, stress and pressure can start to build. 

    While some couples will become pregnant within a few months of trying, it may take longer. Most couples conceive naturally within a year of trying. That’s a long time to stay patient, and at times it can feel impossible. Keep communicating with your partner about how you’re feeling and stay positive. If you are under 35 and have been trying for 12 months, or over 35 and trying for 6 months without success, speak to your GP. About 1 in 6 couples will experience fertility problems and there are a number of treatments to explore. 

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